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July 4, 2007

Bush and jews Serve up Bullshit for 4th of July

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The byline on this story clearly is a jew. And look at this BS:

President Bush equated the war in Iraq today with the U.S. war for independence. Like those revolutionaries who "dropped their pitchforks and picked up their muskets to fight for liberty," Bush said, American soldiers were also fighting "a new and unprecedented war" to protect U.S. freedom.

You can say "don't kill the messenger" and indeed what a shallow jew puppet Dubya has become. Does he really think anyone still thinks Iraq has anything whatsoever to do with freedom? Is anyone still left who's that stupid? The truth jews, the truth. We are not there to protect US Freedom, we are there to protect Israel's freedom and interests. Leave to a jew reporter to spin a yarn on a tired old theme like this.

Bush urges resolve for Iraq fight in holiday address


Proof that Google is Jewgle

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Google part of the jew conspiracy? Consider the novel "Hunter", clearly a controversial piece of literature. It is openly available at this website


Does Google have it in its index? Nooo..Google has de-indexed that page. Don't believe me? Try pasting that URL into Google. If Google has a page in the index, it will display the link. If it doesn't, it will display:

Your search - http://www.solargeneral.com/SG/hunter/ - did not match any documents.

Ummm I smell jew censorship. MSN it doesn't come up either (more jew censorship).

You might say it's a new page or it just isn't in the index yet. Wrong. It's been linked from Wikipedia for quite some time. And if you do the same in Yahoo!, the page comes up. Google, you got some splaining to do!

Take a look at the jew names on the Google board of directors:


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